Lisa Gray Mediation and Counseling


Lisa Gray is a certified divorce and workplace mediator, and a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT). As a therapist with years of experiencing assisting couples in conflict and crisis, Lisa has developed a unique talent to help couples revive their relationship. As a mediator, Lisa understands the importance of building healthy teams and a conflict-free working environment.


Did you know you can reconcile your differences with your spouse or employer without ever seeing an attorney or going to court? Lisa Gray can mediate your divorce from start to finish in a healthy and creative way, and in the process save you time and money. For employers and employees, Lisa Gray can also resolve workplace issues or business partnership disputes through mediation.

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Did you know most couples don't seek counseling for their marriage issues until it's too late? That doesn't have to be true for you and your partner: I specialize in helping couples resolve their issues in practical ways that fit their lifestyle.

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