Are you willing to try mediation to resolve your disputes?

Are you wondering if mediation is the right solution for your conflict?

Would you like to avoid the costs and hassles of courts and lawyers?

And what were we arguing about, anyway?

Mediation is a private and cooperative process in which an impartial person sits down at a table with individuals or groups in conflict and helps them resolve or settle their differences in a non-legal environment.

Mediation is practical and relaxed, and since it’s free of courtroom procedures and technicalities, it can be a much more creative and dynamic process. The parties retain control of the critical decisions that will affect their future interests, rather than leaving those decisions in the hands of attorneys and judges that have no critical interest in their future.

The purpose of this site is to tell you about my mediation services in Livermore so that you can make an informed choice. Please explore the site and I look forward to potentially working with you!